Why Regular Computer Backups Are So Important?

Imagine it, you are at home working hard on your latest project and you realize that you’ve forgotten to update your computer. It’s something that a lot of people tend to put off or brush aside, especially when they are otherwise occupied.

The digital revolution has changed a lot of our professional habits and ushered in new ways of working. It’s crucial to keep up to date with new software, especially from a cybersecurity standpoint. If you don’t regularly update your computer, then you risk leaving yourself open to a data breach. Hackers can easily slip through the back door and access valuable information that could leave you wishing you’d acted sooner. 

Protection from Malware

Businesses that rely heavily on software are especially vulnerable to both malware and phishing attacks. These types of attacks take advantage of software vulnerabilities and your impatience to click on links and can gain access to a lot of valuable information, mainly through your operating system and browser. When devices are not updated when updates are released, the holes and issues with the software become doors for hackers to move through. 

Optimizes Device Performance

By regularly making the call to update your computer, you not only provide security fixes but these updates also include a range of additional features and benefits that can enhance compatibility and improve software stability. This is an important element that works to optimize the performance of your computer, whilst providing crucial updates for outdated features that can leave you vulnerable to attack. 

Software updates are built to protect your computer from a wide range of vicious attacks and work to make all of your computers’ different components function in unison. Whilst the constant reminder to update your computer can be somewhat frustrating, it serves to benefit you in the long run.

The Importance of Security Training

It’s also a good idea to make sure that you have protocols in place to ensure safe working habits. For example, be careful when downloading new software and remember to always make use of any reviews to make sure that what you’re downloading is safe. 

The 2021 ForgeRock Consumer Identity Breach Report shows that 43 percent of C-Suite business leaders who reported a data breach cited human error as the second major cause. These data breaches cost $3.33 million on average.

Having a company technology culture centered around cybersecurity will make these human errors obsolete. 

Auto-Updates Give Peace of Mind

Updating your computer regularly doesn’t have to be inconvenient. Technology has come a long way since the inception of cybersecurity software in the early 1990s, and it’s now easier than ever to manage software updates effectively with little to no effort. 

In fact, auto-updates work intuitively to protect your computer from harm and can even be utilized on mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets, keeping you protected across the entire digital spectrum. 

Let Syzygy 3 Help Patch Your Business’s Cybersecurity Flaws

The bottom line is that if you don’t keep up to date and on track with software updates, you’ll be unprotected and susceptible to attack. Your managed service provider is your ultimate key to cybersecurity, as they can take preventative steps to ensure your data is secure and protected from these attacks.

Make a plan to boost your business’s productivity, safety, and security by using Syzygy 3 as your managed service provider. It’s by far the best way to ensure lasting protection for your business and valuable data. 

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