The Pros and Cons of Using Password Management Systems

password management systems

Choosing strong passwords can add significant security to your business’s devices, files, documents, and apps. Unfortunately, very few human brains can remember long strings of random numbers, letters, and special characters. In response, many companies turn to password management systems.

For a higher level of cybersecurity, talk to a managed services provider that can help you choose a reliable system and teach your employees how to use it well.

Pro: They Generate and Remember Complex Passwords

Ideally, your employees will use unique passwords for each of their accounts. But they probably have trouble keeping all of that information in their heads, leading to repeating or slightly different passwords. A password management system, however, can generate and remember complex and randomized passwords.

When you sign in on a device, you use one password to unlock the password manager. Alternatively, the password manager can remember the account names and passwords for the sites and services you use. When you visit your web portal, for example, the manager fills in your information automatically.

Con: Hackers Often Target Password Management Systems

Hackers want to profit as much as possible by doing as little work as they can. They could try to crack individual passwords to your database, encrypted folders, and cloud apps. That would take a lot of time, though, and give them access to limited information.

Efficient hackers see password management systems as targets worth attacking. Breaking into a password manager might take more time, but one success can give someone access to countless account names and unencrypted data.

Pro: They Can Encrypt Your Password Data

When employees need to share access to accounts and documents, they can’t simply email the password to their colleagues. That would create a severe security risk.

Most password management systems let you send encrypted passwords to coworkers. That way, they can access the data they need without exposing passwords to unauthorized observers spying on your network.

Con: Infected Devices Can Jeopardize All of Your Company’s Passwords

Password management systems can hold hundreds or thousands of encrypted passwords. You want this feature because it allows you and your employees to access data easily.

A downside comes with that convenience, though. If malware infects any of your devices, it could steal information from the password manager. At that point, a hacker could have access to all of your passwords.

Pro: Password Management Systems Work Across Multiple Devices

The password management system you choose isn’t specific to one device. You can install the same one on all of your computers, mobile devices, and other tools. When someone logs in to the password manager on computer A, they get the same benefits as when they use smartphone B. It’s an efficient, simple way for people to meet work goals in today’s cloud-based ecosystem.

Our Final Verdict

It’s pretty obvious that the pros can outweigh the cons of password management systems when you make the right choices. The most important step is to choose a cybersecurity password manager that lets you use two-factor or multi-factor authentication, such as LastPass and Duo. These managers add extra layers of security by requiring users to prove their identities by entering a one-time code, answering personal questions, or using biometrics.All in all, password management success often depends on teaching your employees how to use password managers safely.

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