IT Knowledge: How Do I Minimize My Downtime?

minimize your downtime

Every time your IT system goes down, it reminds you how dependent your business is on technology. You cannot function without reliable hardware, up-to-date software, cloud storage, and high-speed internet connections. In fact, few businesses can easily weather a prolonged IT outage. But your business can benefit from learning how to minimize your downtime.

Some downtime is inevitable since every company needs to schedule routine maintenance and upgrades, but you can plan those jobs for times when you’re not expecting a lot of traffic. An unplanned outage can grind your business to a halt, but you do not have to be at the mercy of these events. Fortunately, there are ways you can help keep your systems up and running smoothly and securely.

The Effects of Downtime

When it comes to your IT, any unplanned downtime is too much. An hour of downtime for an SMB can cost between $10,000 – $50,000. In a day, your business can incur losses that can wreck your quarterly figures. You lose hours of employee labor, encounter supply chain problems, and lose countless sales. 

And frequent downtime not only affects your company’s productivity but also its reputation. Consumers may stop trusting your online services if your website is frequently unreachable. If your in-person service is compromised by IT issues, consumers will often take their business elsewhere. Your system may be down, but your competitors are available. 

The Best Way to Minimize Downtime

For SMBs, maintaining an in-house IT department is difficult. The salaries of several IT specialists may be prohibitive. And even if you can afford a few full-time staff members, they often cannot prevent or quickly address all IT problems. Too many things can go wrong at the same time. 

You need a complete and experienced team to minimize your downtime, which is why partnering with a qualified MSP (managed service provider) can make all the difference for your business.

Benefits of Using a Managed Services Provider

A managed services provider offers several significant benefits, such as:

  • Access to the latest hardware, software, and cloud services
  • Offers the services you need at each stage of your company’s growth
  • Gives you a higher degree of protection against cybercrime since your provider stays current with the latest tech threats and knows how to deal with them

Ramping up your own IT department is costly and time-consuming, but a managed IT program gives you the capacity you need while keeping your expenses down. And since you pay for your plan monthly, you do not have any budget-busting IT expenditures.

Most importantly, you minimize your downtime. A managed services provider monitors your system so that they can quickly address any issue that arises, which keeps you from losing hours of productivity. They are always available for consultation as well, so you can get expert help at a moment’s notice.

How Syzygy 3 Can Help

Syzygy 3 is a premier technology company that offers managed IT services. Our team is dedicated to limiting your company’s downtime by preventing most problems and addressing any issues that do arise. For more information on our services, schedule a meeting online or call 646-793-4681 and begin protecting your IT today.